About Plastic Box Sales

Plastic Box Sales is part of the EuroCrate Ltd Group.

Company Reg No: 8474293

VAT Reg:   169279263

Plastic Box Sales specializes in all types of Plastic lidded boxes, open top boxes and crates, Produce trays, Bale arm crates, vented and solid trays.

We Buy & Sell & all types of Boxes, Totes, Trays and Crates.

Our Plastic Containers and Pallet boxes are available in all types sizes and colours to suit your requirement.

Our client base ranges from Blue Chip companies and Small Businesses to individual Shop owners.

We cover most industries which includes (but not limited to) Commercial, Industrial, Automotive, Legal, agricultural and food Industries.

Our company covers the UK, Ireland and European market.

**Please call our sales team who will happy to assist you with your Plastic Box, Crates & Tray requirements**